The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (Svenska havsforskningsföreningen, SHF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote cooperation between Swedish institutions and individuals who take a professional interest in the marine environment. As part of promoting the goals of our society, we are responsible for organizing the Marine Science Conference. This annual event is open to both researchers and private interest groups and serves as a great platform to present work and have discussions on current marine issues.

Marine Science Days 2019 in Öregrund, 12-14 November

The Marine Sciences Conference 2019 in Öregrund together with SLU Aqua

This year SHF is organizing the Marine Science Days in collaboration with SLU Aqua in Öregrund, 12-14 November. The keynote speakers will focus on the connections between research, management and monitoring. The conference will end with a panel discussion on this topic with the keynote speakers. We welcome everyone working in marine science, management and monitoring to participate.

Keynote speakers (confirmed)

Anna Gårdmark, professor, SLU Aqua
Thomas Johanssonhead of unit for Marine spatial planning at Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM)

The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (SHF) manages and awards annual winners of the Dyrssen Award. The award is given to authors of the two best master science theses in the marine field during the Marine Science Days. The award is 10 000 sek for the best thesis and 5 000 sek for the second best thesis.

More details about costs and registration will come during spring!